Vision and philanthropic company position

For a long period of time Pharm Assist has, through our consultant services, contributed to providing efficient and safe medicines to our community. It is also included in the Pharm Assist vision that people in poorer parts of the world should have access to medicines and essential services for good health, both for the sake of well-being itself, but also because it is a prerequisite for a world without poverty.

Continuous donations since long

Since many years Pharm Assist gives regular financial support to five relief organisations working with exposed people internationally:

  • We are Corporate Supporter of UNICEF, Red Cross and Save the Children
  • We support SOS Children’s Village Keila in Estonia
  • We support Doctors Without Borders (MSF)

More health for money 2017

In 2017 it was decided to increase the Pharm Assist philanthropy by supporting the proven most cost-effective interventions within public health in developing countries, through organisations that most cost-efficiently implement these interventions. Based on scientific high-quality evidence from studies and analyses by independent sources, the goal is to achieve the most health at the lowest possible cost – an approach known as Effective Altruism.

Pharm Assist co-worker David Ehrnebo, a pharmacist dedicated to health economy and cost-effectiveness within public health in developing countries, was assigned during autumn 2017 to manage the future philanthropic initiatives of the Pharm Assist group, strongly influenced by the Effective Altruism approach. He examines relief organisations to potentially cooperate with and estimates the cost-effectiveness potential of projects that seem promising.

Focus on family planning and contraceptives

The primary focus area for Pharm Assist at present is access to voluntary family planning, both methods and information. This is one of the most cost-effective interventions, especially in developing countries with high birth-rates. Family planning provides many types of benefits within a wide spectrum of health, development and environmental areas – both short-term and, even more so, long-term. We are currently examining organisations and projects likely to be very cost-effective within this field to potentially start supporting.